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I have 15 years old my parents are:Jose Humberto Garcia and Astrid Lozano

I am currently enrolled in the 11th grade in school Isidore, in matters concerning the

college I stressed in the social sciences, philosophy and physical education I love sports.

My favorite sports are:soccer and taekwondo martial arts, my favorite hobby is practicing songs on my

accordion vallenato and find out more and more about this topic because I like too

because it's in my blood.

In the future I want to be a professional acordeonero, and exert a good race,

I am strongly inclined in two races, the food and environmental engineering

but now I'm just worried about finishing my degree and there if then start making my dreams reality.

My Family

this is my family consists of my father Jose Humberto Garcia, my mother and my brother

astrid Lozano and Andy Garcia, an exemplaryfamily we are very happy and very close but we

especially love much.

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my pet

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this is my pet as they see it is a turtle, at home and this makes

thirty five years must be about forty years of life since childhood and played with her since

then and caught him fondly.

What I like to do

this is my accordion, is what I like to do. from very small longed for an acordeon, but thank

God my dad and my mom gave me fifteen, I always thank God for that was that made it

happen. I'm very good at it, I love it and I know I will be one of the best accordion players.

my future profession

I've always been interested in the enviroment and this is a race where I think I can play

very well, and my family has always told me to do what I like and feel good doing it.

my future university

This is the university where I study my environmental engineeringcareer, I think it's a good

university besides me not so far from my home

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